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Detoxing Deodorant Recipe

There are many articles out there spreading the news that aluminum compounds, talc, parabens and other ingredients in antiperspirants are linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s, kidney disease and other immune deficiencies. Depending on the source of the article, you may get the idea that ‘it’s all okay’ and to go ahead and use them….or you may start to think that antiperspirants are going to be the death of us. Our takeaway is that many of the ingredients themselves have been linked to cancer and other diseases. Whether there is a direct correlation that using an antiperspirants with these ingredients directly causes cancer (or something just as bad), that depends on the article or study you are reading.

Fortunately, if you do not want to rub ingredients that you have no idea what they really are, you have alternatives. There are natural deodorants and rocks/crystals you can purchase. Many of them come at a premium price, but you’re worth it. Now, if you need an antiperspirant, there is not an ingredient that naturally blocks sweat glands. Our bodies are designed to sweat since it regulates our body temperature.

The good news is that there are natural ingredients that absorb liquids and draw toxins out of your body. One main ingredient in our recipe is cornstarch because it absorbs liquids, including some of your sweat. We’ve been using baking soda in our refrigerator for decades to absorb smells, so it can do the same for your armpits. Coconut oil is an anti-inflammatory and is gentle on the skin. Our favorite ingredient in this receipt is bentonite clay. This clay is nutrient rich and has been used for centuries to draw toxins out of the body. In a deodorant, it also keeps you drier.

When I first started using this recipe, I was skeptical about using coconut oil, especially how that may feel and if it would stain my clothes. Honestly, you get used to it. The feeling isn’t oily, but a bit slippery at first, but wears off. Also, my clothes have not suffered except for clothes that have rayon in them. Even then, it’s only very slight and not really noticeable unless you are looking for it.

De-toxing Deodorant Ingredients

3 ½ Tbs Coconut Oil

2 Tbs Baking Soda

2 Tbs Cornstarch

1 ½ Tbs Bentonite Clay

15-20 drops of organic Essential Oil (we like grapefruit)

Empty deodorant container or 3 oz jar


  1. Melt coconut oil in a double broiler. You can put it in a glass jar and put it in a pot of water and bring the water to a boil until the oil is melted. Let cool about 10 minutes. The oil should still be a liquid but not too hot.

  2. Stir in baking soda until it is thoroughly mixed in.

  3. Stir in cornstarch until it is thoroughly mixed in.

  4. Stir in bentonite clay until it is thoroughly mixed in.

  5. Add essential oil and mix in.

  6. Mixture should be more almost a paste-like texture.

  7. Spoon mixture into deodorant container or jar.

  8. Refrigerate. Coconut oil will become a liquid if it’s hotter than 78 degrees.

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