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Our Story

Real Botanical is a family business started when our founder was diagnosed with candida and convicted to look at every label before putting something in or on her body.  Frustrated with labels claiming to be natural but containing a list of unrecognizable ingredients, she began making her own hair products that were free of chemicals and preservatives.  After 11 years of making and perfecting her shampoo, Real Botanical was created to provide you with purely natural hair care that utilize real plants to clean, protect and tame your hair. 

What We're About

Harnessing the power of nature.  We are amazed at how God created plants and the earth's elements to restore our bodies. Real Botanical uses only USDA organic herbs, oils and essential oils for its products. 


Honesty.  We promise to be transparent about our ingredients, because you need to know what you are putting on your body.  We know you don't want to rub genetically modified herbs and "plant derived" chemicals into your scalp every day.  We don't either!  

Sustainability.  We use plants that are plentiful in the world and harvested in free countries.  So many plants are available to restore our bodies - there's no need to touch those that are endangered and harvested unethically.

Chemical Free.  Real Botanical is dedicated to crafting hair care products using the highest quality ingredients that are natural and free of chemicals.  The only non natural item we use is lye, which is not evident in the final product due to saponification.  (Plus - making lye naturally adds to deforestation.)

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