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Our luxurious herbal shampoo is made with all organic herbs and essential oils with hand crafted soaps made with organic oils to give you an all-natural shampoo with a great lather that will leave your hair feeling clean and healthy.  Each order is customized with the herbs you need for your personalized gel shampoo.

Our base shampoo is crafted with herbs that have been used for centuries to nourish and condition hair.  Infused with green tea, horsetail, comfrey leaf and witch hazel, this shampoo nourishes and hydrates your scalp and strengthens your hair.  The witch hazel helps restore the natural pH to your scalp and the silica in the horsetail will add shine to your hair.  Green tea is loaded with antioxidants - its vitamin C protects hair from UV rays and the natural panthenol softens hair and prevents split ends.  Lastly, comfrey leaves your hair feeling clean.  

Additional herbs are added to your shampoo to address your specific hair needs.

HerbS in Your Shampoo


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Its natural silica adds shine and strengthens the hair shaft and follicles. 

Green Tea

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Loaded with antioxidants that protects hair and a panthenol that prevents split ends.


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An anti-inflammatory that softens hair. It's linoleic acid stimulates hair growth.

Witch hazel

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Promotes a healthy pH for your hair as well as blood flow to the scalp.

Personalize Your Shampoo

Your hair is as unique as you are!  Choose up to three characteristics for your shampoo to get the herbal tea needed for your specific hair type.


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Burdock Root

Armed with silica & phytosterols, it decreases breakage and repairs hair while adding hydration & shine.


Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow is rich in mucilage which softens the hair works and detangles naturally curly/wavy hair.


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Dandelion is rich in Vitamin A, zinc & iron, which are beneficial for treating scalp conditions and restoring hair.

Gold Highlights


Chamomile will enhance blonde hair and highlights in addition to promoting healthy hair growth.


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Thyme has antiseptic and antifungal properties that cleanse, heal and soothe the scalp.

Red Highlights

Madder Root

Madder root is one of the earliest resources for dyes and adds a warm cinnamon tone your hair.



Used in commercial and herbal hair loss treatments, Nettle promotes circulation to prevent shaft breakage.

Each shampoo is scented with organic sweet orange essential oil.  You may choose to have no scent added.

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