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The Complete Kit saves you 12%


Starter kit includes:

  • One Shampoo Brew shampoo (your choice of for wavy, dry, oily or body) 
  • One Mane Tamer Hair Conditioning Oil


Shampoo Brew

Our artisan crafted herbal shampoo is brewed with all organic herbs and hand-made soap with organic oils. Shampoo Brew is a super soft gel that glides on your hair and creates a great lather that will leave your hair feeling clean and healthy.


Mane Tamer

It's possible to not need to condition your hair in the shower and still have soft, manageable hair.  Prior to washing hair, apply 3-5 drops of Mane Tamer Conditioner to your hand and rub them together. Apply Mane Tamer to ends of hair.  Shampoo as normal.  The ingredients in your Shampoo Brew will detox your hair of chemicals.  Combined with this Mane Tamer, your hair will easily de-tangle.  


Dry or Wavy Curly Hair - If your hair tends to frizz or is dry/damaged, use another 1-3 drops of Main Tamer after you shampoo.   Curlies and wavies can use this to scrunch your curls. 


    Complete Kit

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    Products are shipped in 1-3 days.

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