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*For now, this offer is only in the United States

We apologize, but the giveaway was really successful and the 4 oz is now out of inventory.
We have requested to pause the FB ad, but it's in review.  If you'd like a 35% discount on any Shampoo Brew, use code:  nontoxhair
Thank you!

Try a 4 ounce sample of our Shampoo Brew, made with USDA organic herbs like horsetail, comfrey, green tea and witch hazel (see our ingredient list here).  This rich, full lather is a gel shampoo with a base of USDA organic oils like coconut oil, cocoa butter and olive oil.  Your hair is gonna love this!

Why are we giving it away?

It's a Gel Shampoo.  Shampooing with a gel is a new concept, so we want you to experience this new way to shampoo your hair.


We're a Newish Company.  We've been making Shampoo Brew for family and friends since 2012 and launched Real Botanical as a side hustle in 2016.  Now we are taking the business to the next level!

The Giving Principle.  We believe in giving and providing goodness into this world (and especially people).  If you want to achieve anything in this world, giving is a good place to start.

Find True Believers.  We want to find people who truly want a chemical free hair routine and create dialog to learn about your needs as we grow and expand our products.

We'd love your feedback!

After you try the shampoo, please take our 2 minute survey to let us know how you like it.  That's all!

Thank you for taking the time to try something new!

Use promo code:  getmybrew22

*For now, this offer is only in the United States

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